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The life of an assistance dog starts when the parents are mated and contains several phases. An overview of these phases:

Cool Timeline

January 1


Based on a genetic screening and an estimated breeding value, a brood bitch and stud are selected. When the bitch is in heat, they are mated. And then, we have to wait…
March 5


Our puppies are born in foster families where they get acquainted with the normal everyday situations. They stay there together with their mother until they are eight weeks of age. Next, they go to the different assistance dogs associations we collaborate with after a first behavioural assessment is conducted.
April 30


Our dogs stay with a foster family until they are one year of age. During this time, they learn basic obedience and get optimally socialized. When they are four months old, a second behavioural assessment will be conducted. At the age of 12 months, they get their final behavioural assessment,..Read More
April 30

Breeding bitch

If the dog passes all medical and behavioural assessments, the dog will be used in our breeding program. These dogs will be placed in one of our foster families and will contribute to the future generations of assistance dogs.
May 30

Training to become an assistance dog

If the dog is not suitable as a breeding bitch, but does pass the tests to become an assistance dog, she will stay with the assistance dog association she was placed in and continue her training. This phase ends when the dog graduates from the training program and is matched..Read More