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As of the 19th of June 2018  "Arsenal Belgium Supportsclub" can call them selves the proud godfather of Muze. We are grateful for their financial contribution and commitment.
Are you also interested in a sponsorship, then take a look via our actions button or directly via

Marissa looking at the echo from Starling

We have received wonderful news from our partner Guiding Eyes for the Blind (USA) with the message that Starling is pregnant and is coming to Belgium. We hope to share some more information shortly. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page.

In order to finance her arrival, all help is more than welcome. Through here you can help us to fund the flight!

Kai en Karina onderweg naar hun nieuwe eigenaars

Kai, Jada, Hydra and Karina from our American partner Guiding Eyes for the Blind have arrived in Belgium today!

Kai and Karina will continue their voyage this weekend when they will be travelling to CESECAH in France. While Kai will stay there, Karina is going to Switzerland. Hydra and Jada stay with us and will be placed in foster families.

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